Family Love

Darcy Padilla
Foreword by Emmanuel Carrère
Afterword by Christian Cajoulle

Editions de la Martinière
1st Edition — French Language
336 pages


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#5 — First Copy

October 2014
Drove three hours to see you. Two lane roads, grass fields left and right. Wondered what it was like to grow up here. We headed out to dinner. It reminded me of the few times your mom let me take you — we called it ‘"our time." For dessert went to your favorite diner and you ordered the lava molten chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream. We shared it.

I handed you a book and you said, “It’s beautiful Darcy. My gosh.” I watched as your fingers glided softly over the images of your mom as if you could touch her, even if only on the page.

#4 — Afterword by Christian Cajoulle

August 1998
Made the journey to Visa Pour l'Image — saved money for a year to go. Met my friend Wendy in Paris for a few days then took a train south to Perpignan.

Wandered the exhibitions and hung out at the Hotel Palms trying to get interviews. I stood in line and hoped that Christian Cajoulle, founder of Agence VU, would look at my portfolio. It’s the appointment I wanted most – they had great photographers. He said hello and asked where I was from. Quietly he flipped through my 11x14 prints. Looked up with his eyes on occasion to ask a question.

He handed me his card, “Thank you — stay in touch.”

Photo: L’Oeil de la Photographie

#3 — Foreword by Emmanuel Carrère

“There are few great writers in France today, and Emmanuel Carrère is one of them.”
The Paris Review

2014 Interview
Emmanuel Carrère

How did you discover the photographic work of Darcy Padilla?
“The photography journal 6 Mois, which dedicated a section of its first issue to this young American photographer, contacted me to write a text to accompany the publication of her photos. When I saw them, I couldn’t tear my eyes away, practically in tears and I accepted the project, which seemed the obvious choice.

I went to spend ten days in San Francisco. Darcy told me Julie’s story. We went through thousands of photographs in chronological order, so I could then re-transcribe what’s at play in this long, long series of often very difficult images.

It’s the story of a family of people who love each another, in great pain, in distress, but it’s first and foremost a story of love and connection between people: the love Julie has for her children and her companions, between Julie and her father, and the singular relationship that developed between Julie and Darcy.”

#2 — The Book You Want

August 2014
Kept waking up last night. Nerves — the anticipation. On the plane to Verona, I thought about my first meeting with Editions de la Martinière. “We want you,” Jocelyn Rigault said, “to do the book you want.”

A short taxi ride to EBS. Valérie Gautier, the art director, takes me to a room stacked with books of those who came before... Erwitt, Koudelka, Salgado. The first sheet is pulled off the press. We inspect each image: the blacks, the whites. And decide... a little little more black. Valérie is good — she feels each image. We work with two master printers, Dominic and Danielo. As we turn the sheets, the perfume of ink hangs in the air. It is everywhere. Reminds me of my father’s painting studio. The presses slam, clang, over and over.

Sheet 8 is perfect — looks like my prints. The ink is not dry but the images are beautiful.

#1 — 1st Book

May 1998
Sat in a packed Lecture Hall at SFAI. Watched your films play out in front of me. At last you came to the podium. A light shone down on you. And you tried not to look. It seemed for a moment that you were shy.  After the talk, a hundred people stood in line for ‘your signature.’

I had your first book, "The Americans.” I was nervous to ask and ended being one of the last. I thanked you for your photography. I mentioned my project and my hope to publish it in a book.


San Francisco
2015 — TBD

Workshop @ Les Rencontres d'Arles

Arles, France
2015 — TBD


Award @ Alicia Patterson Foundation
2015 Fellow

Book Signing @ 6mois
November 13 at 7 pm — 27 Rue Jacob

Book Signing @ Librairie Photographique le 29
November 15 at 6:30 pm — 29 Rue des Récollets

Visiting Faculty @ San Francisco Art Insitute
Photography Department
Fall 2014

Exhibition @ DocField14 — Arts Santa Mònica
Barcelona, Spain
June 18 - September 14, 2014

Workshop @ Les Rencontres d'Arles
Arles, France
August 11-15, 2014